"As a personal trainer and as an athlete that represents Haywards Heath Harriers, I know the importance of maintaining a high level of fitness. Recently I had been suffering a niggling injury to my Calf/Achilles area, and although rest is important, I knew I need to seek professional advice. After several sessions, my injury has completely recovered enabling me to compete at the level I was used to.

I would personally like to thank Nicki Newson for her invaluable expertise and would recommend her services.

Yours faithfully AB"

A couple of months ago my 5 year old daughter Josephine was really struggling with her sleep and complaining about neck problems. As she had some osteopath treatment in the past after her birth to deal with KISS syndrome, I was convinced that seeing a good osteopath would possibly do her good.

I found Nicki via the internet and immediately liked her style and approach. She was very helpful on the phone. But more importantly, she has been great with Josephine. Already after the first treatment we saw massive improvements with Josephine being more relaxed in her shoulders and sleeping a lot better. Josie really enjoyed her visits and said 'Nicki has magic hands that make my pain go away'. Despite the fact that she has been treated she did not see her visits to Nicki as such, she saw them as a treat, which is a great achievement with a 5 year old.

As I encountered some neck problems myself I also asked Nicki to treat me. She treated me very well, with massive improvements very quickly. I am very grateful to Nicki for the good job she has done with me but especially with Josephine and I would recommend her to anybody as a trustworthy, down to earth lovely lady who does a fab job. Nicki, thanks very much!


"I recently had sciatica and went to Nicky Newson for treatment. Nicky has a natural ability to heal. She is very empathetic, caring, professional and a great practitioner. Within only four sessions she had manipulated the problem muscles and rid me of my pain. Should my sciatica come back again, I will definitely return to Nicky!"


"Dear Nicky,

Thanks for all your help over the last 6 months. It has been a difficult time given my recent health, but the support and help that all your team has provided has been very comforting.

Best of luck for the future."


"We all know that as you get older you have to look after your body - it doesn't just look after itself like when you were young. Turning 50 recently l was reminded of what my parents generation used to say about "everything aching." I too found every ached - my shoulders, my back, my calf muscles. Common sense said I had to do something and so started a course of 5 one-on-one Pilates classes and recently finished my first set of 5 group sessions. Quite simply nothing hurts any more and I now genuinely look forward to the weekly lesson. I'd recommend getting into Pilates and reckon everyone over a certain age should take it up - before it is too late."