Many people suffer from phobias in silence, avoiding situations that might cause the sense of panic and fear to rise, afraid even to talk about their secret in case that sets off the awful feelings they experience when faced with the object or place. Often the sufferer will feel embarrassed admitting to their phobia because they know it is irrational, but despite this understanding, their body still goes into the fight or flight state of rapid heart beat, shallow breathing, sweaty palms ,dry mouth and feelings of panic.

Common phobias are around flying, driving, spiders, snakes and other animals, or a fear of cramped or open spaces. There are many more, and the good news is that hypnotherapy can help to relax the mind into experiencing the situation or object in a different way so that you can feel totally calm around it. You will be taught techniques to relax yourself and encouraged to face the old phobic scenario as soon as possible so that you realise how effective the therapy was.

Hypnotherapy works because the unconscious mind is treated to bring it in line with the conscious wishes and understandings of the client.

Clients are often amazed at how their life opportunities are opened up once they are cured. Interviews, travel, social situations, dogs etc all viewed with calm and confidence instead of rising panic.

Often one session is enough, although sometimes people find a second session helpful if they are particularly stressed.

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