Work is, to a large extent what defines us- as well as providing financial resources. A major review recently concluded that not only is worklessness detrimental for health - work is actually good for our health and well being is generally therapeutic.

Osteopaths are well placed to contribute. They have the time to listen and advise - they can identify:

  1. Health benefits of work

  2. Early return to work as part of therapy

  3. Overcoming obstacles to working

  4. Focus on what you can do rather than what you can't

  5. "Fit note" rather than sick note

Ref: Prof. Kim Burton University of Huddersfield

What you do in the early stages is very important. Resting for more than a day or two does NOT help and may actually prolong pain and disability. Your back is designed for movement; it needs movement - a lot of movement. The sooner you get moving and doing your ordinary activities as normally as possible, the sooner you will feel better.

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